Past Life Therapy

Past Life Therapy (PLT) is a clinically based therapy.

"Since 1972 I have considered Past Life Therapy to be the most effective psychotherapy in the world. Even a single session can be miraculous." - Dr. Norm Shealy

Past life is a consideration of anything experienced from this current moment, backwards. Our mind is split into 2 parts, the conscious and unconscious minds. The thinking processes and discernment of our conscious mind, analyzes, is rational, and uses logic. The unconscious mind stores much of our memory. Holding emotions, feelings, and the works of our autonomic nervous system. Through the guidance of PLT, one can access these stored unconscious memories, revealing insight into past trauma and unhealthy patterns. Benefits of achieving growth and insight allows an individual to better understand their current situation, resolving (not eliminating) painful memories and develop healthier habits.

This practice is in effort to help alignment with our authentic self, in attempt to overcome the deeply stored parts within us that have been holding us back from doing so.  As each session can be very personal and emotional, the benefits as well are extremely rewarding.

Allow anywhere from 2-4 hours in consideration of scheduling an appointment, keeping in mind what activities will be happening before and after.

I would love to offer my support in guiding you through this experience, please feel free to contact me about learning more and setting up an appointment.

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