Greetings Y'all,

Brandan here, and it is in my great appreciation to offer my skills and knowledge to help others in achieving a harmonious balance through life. My focus of personal empowerment and community wellness has traveled me through many different places and ways of life, as well as the depths of the minds inquisitive side. 

Whatever meaning and belief we may have, ultimately, a choice is what helps us get from one phase to the next. It is within these small moments of choice that can lead to the perception of how life is experienced. It is also in these choices that emotions and habits can be overpowering. This is why a more mindful approach to our daily activities is found to be widely popular. It is in these small moments that freedom can be experienced. With an understanding that all actions are followed with consequences, when we learn to be aware and create the healthy habits to drive these choices, one can have a fluid way about life.

I found that for me, there is truth in the emergence of ourselves in a humbling attempt to be connected to a much more everlasting source. In this path I find the importance of over coming weaknesses, letting go of past traumas, and finding a loving relationship with all people and things in the process. 

It has been this disciplined practice throughout my life that has let me with the strong skills to help others who are willing and looking for the same.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Coach, I offer sessions to assist in Pain Management, Relaxation, and Stress Relief. As a coach, I open myself up as a support team with the tools and education that leads to empowerment. 

Health is a natural state of being.

Finding the ways to achieve a joyful Balance of Body, Mind, and Spirit, it is encouraged to become empowered in actions.

As a practiced healer, I am equipped with these tools to physically, emotionally, and spiritually assist to a more balanced way of being.

If this is of interest, I am here to offer my help along the way.

I will be looking forward to meeting with you.

From my heart to yours!                                           -